Alternate Dispute Resolution Program


The VDA’s free ADR program is designed to assist both members and animal owners to resolve disputes. The VDA gathers all the relevant facts related to the dispute and evaluates the information in terms of veterinary ethics and medical law. The VDA assists both parties to objectively process and to understand the facts in the context of the law relating to the limitations and constraints that applied to both the owner and the veterinarian at the time of the treatment. The ADR program is unique in that, if it is found that the veterinarians did not reach minimum standards of care, the VDA arranges for the owner to be compensated without delay and without the owner needing to resort to attorneys or litigation. If the veterinarian was not medically negligent, then the VDA assists the owner to understand why this is so, with an invitation to submit any further facts that might change the finding.


This program was pioneered by the VDA in 1992 and ADR is the only process that provides substantial answers to owners with regard to their doubts and concerns. No other forum, whether veterinary medical boards or courts, supplies this service to owners.


Owners may contact the VDA for assistance with ADR at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.