Adverse Incidents


Contact the VDA for advice and guidance by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with every event, incident and dispute that has the potential to turn bad!  There is a friendly, empathetic and competent VDA Consultant waiting to help you.


The VDA is managed by members of the veterinary profession who are experts in legal defence. There are many medical defence organisations in the world, but only two veterinary defence organisations, the VDA and the VDS in the United Kingdom.

The VDA is the only Veterinary Defence Organisation in Asia.

It is obviously in the best interests of any veterinarian that adverse incidents or owner grievances be managed as soon as possible in order to stop them from escalating into a formal Claim, a Board complaint or a civil lawsuit. Examples of adverse incidents include a treatment that failed, an anesthetic death or an owner unhappy with advice or an explanation.

The VDA has more than 30 years' experience dealing with Board complaints and veterinary negligence legislation. You will be provided with advice and guidance on how to manage the owner and the patient; how to undo any damage that has already occurred to your defence and what steps to take next.

You will be asked to send specific information and documentation to the Consultant. This will form the basis of your defence, and the VDA will proceed to formulate your defence. The VDA will stay in contact with you and will manage your case through the subsequent stages right until the case has been concluded. Most disputes are resolved with the VDA’s Alternate Dispute Resolution Program (see next Program). The VDA also provides a unique full-service VSBHK complaints defence program, including compiling the member’s responses to the allegations as well as all correspondence with the Board, and will arrange expert witnesses and legal representation for hearings and trials as necessary.

Veterinary practitioners face a multitude of risks and stresses.  Litigation is more easily accessible to the public than ever before. The VDA’s effective management of incidents vastly reduces the threat to your professional life, your health and your mental well-being.