The VDA is not just a "defence" organisation for "protecting" veterinarians; one of our primary functions is to protect the integrity of the profession. The integrity of the profession can only be protected if the rights and privileges of both owners and and animals are also protected.
State vet boards protect only the consumer. This is often to the detriment of the system. When consumer protection is not balanced holistically, then the system is skewed and, ultimately, the owner and the animal are the most prejudiced. In other words, consumerism that is out of balance is actually detrimental to consumers in the long term. 
The VDA provides the public with alternate dispute resolution that is much more fair and balanced than the processes applied by State Veterinary Boards. in most cases of disputes with veterinarians the owner, more than anything else, is actually seeking answers
The VDA is the only organisation that analyses the facts of a dispute in a proper and balanced manner and provides real answers to owners about what may have gone wrong with the treatment of their animal.
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There is also a lot of good background advice to be gleaned from our article called "General Standards of Care", also on the drop-down menu.